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The Scholarly & Reference E-Book Collection contains electronic books purchased by Ohio academic libraries from these publishers:

Use of the Scholarly & Reference collection assumes you have read the Acceptable Use Guidelines.

African-American Poetry 1700–1900
20th Cent. African-American Poetry
American Poetry 1600–1900
20th Cent. American Poetry
English Poetry
20th Cent. English Poetry

American Drama
English Prose Drama 1280–1915
English Verse Dramas 13th–19th Centuries

Early American Fiction 1774–1850
18th Cent. Fiction 1700–1800

Bibliography of American Literature
Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare
William Butler Yeats Collection
The Bible in English

Full text of books and other source originally published in print. Also includes 21 historic editions of the Bible in English.

Use of the American & English Literature collection assumes you have read the Acceptable Use Guidelines.

Oxford Reference Full text of over 34 dictionaries and encyclopedias on a variety of subjects, purchased from Oxford University Press. These titles are also available through the OhioLINK Electronic Books Center.
Safari Books Online Electronic books in computer science, information technology, business, and related fields from O’Reilly, Pearson, and other IT and business publishers.
Wiley Online Books E-books in a wide variety of subjects with a copyright year from 2012-2014
EBSCO E-Books (formerly NetLibrary) A library of electronic books on many academic subjects. The collection includes thousands of titles purchased by OhioLINK, plus thousands of public-domain e-books.